Tecnofar Tecnofar Spa was founded in 1974 in Delebio as family-run
company originally having a speciality in manufacturing
stainless steel and nickel alloy tubes.

Years of experimentation and research, together with the
development of new technologies has made Tecnofar Spa
one of the most advanced companies in this field; the use
of up-to-date technology guarantees constant production

Tecnofar is forward-thinking and rapidly expanding company
and since 2005 it has two production units located in Delebio
and Gordona (SO), covering a total surface area of 11.000
square metres with a very efficient staff of 90 employees.

EMAIL:  info@tecnofar.it

FAX:  + 39 0342 684500

URL компании:  www.tecnofar.it

Адрес:  Via della Battaglia 17 - IT 23014 Delebio (So) - Italy

Телефон:  +39 0342 684115

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